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 Morgan Hill BioEnergy, Inc.

About us

Morgan Hill BioEnergy, Inc. founded 2013 in San Jose, California, heart of the Silicon Valley.

Company’s proprietary Photobioreactor developed for commercialization cultivation of highly pure algae biomass ideally for nutriceutical and pharmaceutical industry.

Company focuses on bioenergy and health technology from biofuels, hydrogen to cosmetics, nutritional supplements. We are working algae to produce Human Therapeutic Protein through gene transfer technology.

Company has two subsidiaries in Shanghai and Suzhou China with 5000L production line based on our proprietary PBR.




  PM2.5 Scavenger (Astaxanthin based)

  Cardiovascular Scavenger 

  Clear Vision

  Vegan Protein Functional Food (Chlorella based)


  Facial cream

  Neck & Hand cream

  Facial Mask

  Eye serum